The quintessence is sawn and cut and polished and most ably transformed by rough and hard-skinned hands that shape this stones into delicate home embellishments and utilities.

Natural Stone - the material of today !

Unearthring the treasure


The Natural Stones, the mankind and the history

Ever since time immemorial there has been a close relationship between man and stone and quite understandably, too. It was and in many countries still is in caves that man finds his shelter and feels safe and secure. It was of stone that he made his tools and engraved his messages into rocks and walls. Indeed, it was through stone that man began to communicate on a permanent basis. We can safely say that stone is an invaluable document, the beginning of our civilization. Stone is an essential part of our heritage and never has its importance and beauty been more appreciated that today.

Desde 1973 ao serviço das pedras ornamentais.
Since 1973 exporting all types of Portuguese ornamental stones.
Seit 1973 im Dienst der portugiesischen Natursteine.

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